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* Here at Dr. Clark’s office, we are focused on keeping patients and staff safe. As always, we pride ourselves on our top-of-the-line infection control procedures and staying up to date on all of the latest ways to bring more protection and peace of mind to our patients and practice. We are happy to let you know of all the ways we accomplish this in our new blog feature that we will be updating on our website here in our “About Us” tab.

This blog feature will help us share all the new events going on at Dr. Clark’s office as well as help focus on some of the great services we already offer that you may not have known about. We are excited to provide a little spotlight on events here and hope you find it useful. There have been a few changes this year to all of our lives and we hope to offer a little light at the end of the tunnel for our dental family of patients. As always we are here to help keep your dental health on track with as few interruptions as possible and are excited to share the latest advance in that area.

Our newest announcement is that our practice has taken the first steps towards getting vaccinated against Covid-19. At this time Dr. Clark and our staff have received the first dose of the Moderna vaccinations and are eagerly awaiting the second dose to complete this series as soon as they are available. For many, this vaccine brings a much-anticipated sense of relief and comfort from a very trying and difficult year. We have made the collective decision here at Dr. Clark’s office that the vaccine is the next step in continuing to keep the office a safe environment for our patients and staff as is our continued goal.

We know and understand the difficult decision that many have had to face when trying to weigh out the benefits versus possible worries of receiving dental care in 2020. There have been many unknowns surrounding the risks of continuing everyday life, especially in our state of California which has needed more strict guidelines.

Rest assured that at Dr. Clark’s office we are and have always taken these factors into consideration and remain focused on providing top-notch dental care with the highest level of infection control in all situations during a pandemic or otherwise. This latest step is yet another adjustment to our current circumstances that we happily work on to remain open and ready to provide our patients with the quality of dental care that they know and deserve.

We hope this news finds you all well and that 2021 is an exceptional year for everyone. We are working hard to make it that way for our dental family here at Dr. Clark’s office! Dr. James Clark and our team are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile you will love to share! We are pleased to offer Implant, Cosmetic and General dentistry for patients in the Bakersfield, California area. We invite you to call us at 661-325-5751 with any oral health questions and concerns you may have.